Before You Travel

before you travel Plan ahead

When travelling overseas we suggest visiting at least 6 weeks prior to your journey. This will enable you to find out whether additional health precautions are required for your trip (e.g. malaria zones). You can also read the Insure & Away destination guides which give some detail on potential risks in different areas.

Health and medication

If you’re taking medication with you on holiday, you should always keep it sealed in its original packaging. It is also advisable to bring with you the prescription and a letter of verification from your doctor. This is particularly important if the drugs contain morphine-base or opiate derivatives.

Bringing needles with you may cause problems, but it may be advisable even so. Some drugs that are legal in the UK may be considered narcotics in other countries. If in any doubt, you should check with your embassy or consulate before you travel.

Passport and visas

It goes without saying that you should have a valid passport and any required valid visas. Do check to ensure that your passport is valid for a minimum of six months from your return date. Take photocopies of your passport as well to ensure that you have one with you and one at home.

Information on your next of kin and their contact details should be kept with your passport at all times. Consider also taking another form of ID with you (preferably one with a photograph).

Please note that in some countries, you will need to provide finger print ID.


Stay up to date with the current situation surrounding travel advice in the country of your destination. Also use this time also to familiarise yourself with cultural dos and don’t s. We suggest visiting the FCO website for further information.

Think ahead

Be savvy and avoid wearing expensive jewellery such as watches, rings, necklaces, etc.   Try not to wear anything that sets you apart from everyone else.

At the airport

Always comply with the directions given by any staff. If you see anyone acting suspiciously then you should report this immediately to the officials on duty.

Finally, ensure that you only carry your own personal luggage through customs. Never consider carrying someone else’s luggage through.